The Open Minded, Ms. Katidja Zaidi

Being from Bali, Tidja has a different perspective on life and emphasizes the importance of being open minded, having new experiences, and as a true Beedie student would say, networking, all with the goal of generational wealth in mind. With open mindedness being the epicenter of her demeanour, Tidja illustrates why she is one of the most well rounded people I can think of. Take a listen and learn from

The Experience Seeker, Mr. Geordy Reid

For my first ever podcast style interview, Mr. Geordy Reid was kind enough to join us on ReRouted to discuss times in which he himself, shifted course and ultimately changed his direction to result in where he is today. He describes his story about finding his identity in school and ultimately, through travel and its unique challenges and enlightenments. His mistakes and tips for the future are something you will