Peer Review Three: The Beauty Bar

For this week’s peer review, I am afforded the opportunity to explore Pam Katsikerou’s blog; The Beauty Bar. As instructed by our assignment rubric, this peer review will be critiqued in three areas; business plan/strategy, monetization, and growth since previous peer reviews.  Upon initial landing, this blog is extremely appealing to viewers with a symmetrical layout, consistent images, a well chosen colour scheme and a flattering subtitle – ‘it’s all

Peer Review Two: Hassan Abdullahi’s Portfolio

For the second peer review of this semester, I will be reviewing Hassan Abdullahi’s professional portfolio blog which can be found here. In terms of criteria, this peer review will be structured as follows: social media, content specifics, and growth that has occurred since the first round of peer reviews. Social Media: Upon landing on the homepage of Hassan’s blog, his creative and artistic talents are evident. With the assumed

Peer Review One: Four Purple Walls

This week, I am reviewing Tiffany Chang’s blog, Four Purple Walls, which can be found here. For this review, I will compartmentalize my observations and ideas into subtopics as follows; design, content, and function, all in respect to the professional self and branding. Design: Four Purple Walls is aesthetically pleasing with the theme reflecting the title of the site. The images Tiffany utilizes are approachable, soft, inviting and portray an