Dog Whisperer, Ms. Isis Mok

In the final podcast of this semester, Isis Mok joins us on ReRouted to talk about her new puppy and trying new experiences. Take a listen to my sister’s loving story about her family of animals and tips on trying new things! Once again, thank you all for being a great audience this semester and ReRouted hopes to be back with new content soon!

Process Post Eleven: Last Process Post of PUB 201

In this final process post, I am going to take a moment to reflect on all my thoughts about ReRouted’s journey throughout the past three months and where ReRouted is headed in the future! When this semester started, I couldn’t have been more excited to take another class with Suzanne Norman (if you are an SFU student reading this, you will not regret taking her courses). PUB 101 was an

Peer Review Three: The Beauty Bar

For this week’s peer review, I am afforded the opportunity to explore Pam Katsikerou’s blog; The Beauty Bar. As instructed by our assignment rubric, this peer review will be critiqued in three areas; business plan/strategy, monetization, and growth since previous peer reviews.  Upon initial landing, this blog is extremely appealing to viewers with a symmetrical layout, consistent images, a well chosen colour scheme and a flattering subtitle – ‘it’s all

Process Post Ten: Adapting to Online Courses and Search Engine Optimization

With the continuation of courses being moved to online platforms, this past week was the first week of all courses being moved entirely online. It has been stressful for many students including myself, however, I have grown up and lived in the Lower Mainland all my life so I have an easy adjustment staying local. For the students that are international and now have to plan going home and alter

Managerial Economics Midterm Studying

Earlier in this semester, I mentioned being stressed out because of a reading break scheduled with plenty of studying. I felt as if I studied quite hard, however, as the law of diminishing marginal returns would tell us, I believe that I began to study a bit too early and had exhausted much of my studying material thus feeling unproductive. Hearing from other students and friends, I have been told

Process Post Nine: Moving Online and Monetization

This week’s process has focused on the transition of all courses being moved to an online lecturing format. Due to COVID-19, SFU and almost every other university have chosen to move courses online. As for publication of the professional self and some other FCAT courses, this class was already mainly online in terms of our workload and now we will have to resort to learning from online lectures. Suzanne surveyed

ReRouted Update – COVID-19

In lieu of recent events regarding COVID-19; the safety, health, and respect of others, are the most important factors moving forward for ReRouted. With this being said, ReRouted has decided to forgo any further in person interviews and podcasts with guests. In recent weeks of interviews we have required reverting back to the beginning methods of recording our podcast in informal locations and this was not a concern for us

The Busy Bee, Ms. Lina Belhadi

This week’s guest speaker will make you motivated to get up and never take another opportunity for granted. Given the nickname, ‘Busy Bee’ from a periodical section of a hometown newspaper, Lina lived up to this nickname with her busy schedule and needed to postpone this interview by an hour to pick up her friend, and previous ReRouted guest, Tidja. Take a listen to an inspirational interview with one of

Modeling Excellence, Mr. Justyn Janeiro

In this week’s episode, Justyn Janeiro stresses the importance of focusing on yourself and taking action to boost one’s own confidence. Is your ideal of a self image your own interpretation and belief? Or is it shaped by society’s polarized stars and influencers? Take a listen to a motivational interview with this humble stud, Justyn!