In this final process post, I am going to take a moment to reflect on all my thoughts about ReRouted’s journey throughout the past three months and where ReRouted is headed in the future!

When this semester started, I couldn’t have been more excited to take another class with Suzanne Norman (if you are an SFU student reading this, you will not regret taking her courses). PUB 101 was an extremely rewarding and timely class where I was given an opportunity to create a platform and express my transition from focusing all my time on athletics and training to becoming a dedicated and achieving student. I have always said that I believe anyone can complete a university degree, it is just up to each student what they want to get out of it, and for me personally, my goals of what I want to get out of university don’t align with the commitment of playing football. Thus, the idea for ReRouted was born in PUB 101 when deciding a topic to blog about. This was easy because it was relevant and cathartic. However, this semester when the course started, I was struggling with choosing a topic for the ‘professional’ side of ReRouted. I was thinking maybe I should just continue with my personal story or maybe even create a make-belief product/service that I could build a website for just to go through the motions of the course. Yet here we are, three and a bit months have gone by and I couldn’t be happier with the decision to interview and podcast other people’s stories.

When first coming up with this plan, I was not excited with the idea of recording my own voice and putting it on the internet for people to hear. It felt odd and I thought there was no way people would want to listen to this. Honestly, it wasn’t until the first podcast that I realized this would be very fun and rewarding similar to PUB 101. Having a great first guest made me comfortable for the rest of the interviews. With each interview it became more and more normal and as I told the guests to comfort them, it was just normal but deep conversation. Now looking back at it, you guys as the viewers can see the stories and conversations that ReRouted was able to extract and with the excuse of ‘doing it for a podcast,’ I was able to have meaningful conversations with so many unique people.

In the future, blogging is much in the picture and maybe even the possibility of doing a minor in Publication… As for ReRouted, we will continue to share our story, communicate with ‘guests,’ and learn from all our peers. The only difference is it may or may not be documented…

Thank you everyone – ReRouted

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