For this week’s peer review, I am afforded the opportunity to explore Pam Katsikerou’s blog; The Beauty Bar. As instructed by our assignment rubric, this peer review will be critiqued in three areas; business plan/strategy, monetization, and growth since previous peer reviews. 

Upon initial landing, this blog is extremely appealing to viewers with a symmetrical layout, consistent images, a well chosen colour scheme and a flattering subtitle – ‘it’s all about you.’ All of these factors create an excellent foundation for which to start a business plan and strategy targeting the engagement of your audience and customer relations. Another business strategy that is apparent on first introduction to the site is partner relationships. Pam has utilized direct links where viewers can purchase her advertised products, and as I am unaware of Pam’s actual business plan, I could see this being a strong component of her strategy based on the fact that this could be easily monetized. This aspect of her site will be discussed more thoroughly in the next criterion. Without seeing an outright explanation of a business plan to critique, I suggest that Pam could minimize the amount of content on her homepage. This homepage has roughly 11 posts and thumbnails, and while each demonstrates admirable quality of work, they may be overlooked as they reside on the bottom of the page. Although, once arriving at the bottom, there is an interactive button that brings you back to the top of the page that is helpful. 

In terms of monetization, and as mentioned previously, I believe it is difficult to pinpoint anyones motive or actual plan without it being told. For example, large professional companies like Nike do not necessarily have their business plans laid out on their website and upon research, you are only going to find interpretations or others’ subjective views. However, I get the vibe of a Wayfair type of style website because of the features described in the paragraph above. Pam has created a useful blog and engages direct links to feature items, which makes it simple for her audience to engage in her call to action. I am not in the least bit knowledgeable about makeup products, however, I would trust Pam to tell me what the current Makeup Must Haves are because of the quality and approachable style of the blog. Furthermore, Pam’s monetization strategy could be to receive royalty type paychecks every time a viewer purchases a product from her post, or sponsored promotional items that Pam can have in exchange for her service of reviewing such products. Overall, once again with the quality of Pam’s work, I am sure she’d have no problem monetizing her blog – if she isn’t already.

The Beauty Bar’s previous peer review can be seen here, and in terms of growth, I believe I have noted the same suggestions, however, they are not detrimental to the blog’s functionality or purpose. I agree with the previous review’s point about the Contact page and support advocating for the use of an Instagram and Email icon plugin, both of which would be great for aesthetics. I also noted that the homepage was a bit long, but this could very well be a pre-designed theme, rather than her choice. 

In conclusion, Pam’s blog is wonderful and has a very professional tone. I believe this blog demonstrates a great presumptive business strategy and monetization layout. I am inspired by Pam’s work and hope to incorporate her creative talent to improve my own blog!

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