With the continuation of courses being moved to online platforms, this past week was the first week of all courses being moved entirely online. It has been stressful for many students including myself, however, I have grown up and lived in the Lower Mainland all my life so I have an easy adjustment staying local. For the students that are international and now have to plan going home and alter plans for the future, my heart goes out to you guys in these unprecedented times. Something I’ve always been told growing up that has in a way always humbled me or cheered me up is that someone is always worse than you or better than you. In sports, this saying was to humble me when I thought I was better than other players and to make me work harder to be at my best or to cheer me up if I had a bad game, however, as I’ve gotten older, I also interpret it in a manner or state of well being. It is understandable that people are stressed and feeling anxious with the events going on, however, you are not more stressed than everyone else and the only thing you can do is to keep pushing and look at things in a positive light! This story is a little off tangent and it is not to undermine anyone’s feelings, but rather inspire and spark your mindset into positive thinking!

Back to ReRouted! This week our lecturer Suzanne posted narrated slides using Bb Collaborate Ultra and these slides focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want to learn the beginner’s information about SEO, take a look here. In our lecture we retouched on Google Analytics, which in terms of ReRouted, are still providing great and interesting results, so thank you to our community. After this Google Analytics recap and touch up, we went over SEO which is essentially driving up our name on the results page on Google and getting Google’s attention, as Suzanne explained it. We want our content to be on the first page and after going through 20 pages on Google after searching ReRouted, I have no idea what page we are currently listed on! ReRouted has a unique name which I believe plays as a strength, however, to increase SEO moving forward we need to actively choose keywords to match our content and hopefully link up with large bloggers and pages to share our content and create a reputable reference for ReRouted.

In conclusion for this week, we have a lot of work to do in order to drive up our SEO and continue the process of our site, however, ReRouted is still doing it’s best to impact the users that are currently supporters of our site! We will continue scheduled content and focus on keeping our viewers before acquiring new ones. Thank you again – ReRouted!

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