This week’s process has focused on the transition of all courses being moved to an online lecturing format. Due to COVID-19, SFU and almost every other university have chosen to move courses online. As for publication of the professional self and some other FCAT courses, this class was already mainly online in terms of our workload and now we will have to resort to learning from online lectures. Suzanne surveyed our class and we have chosen to move online in order to keep our community and campus safe.

In respect to ReRouted’s reaction to this process, you can see our professional post here. The plan for us is to continue posting content on a regular schedule, however, guest interviews will conclude as it is not a means of social distancing. We have flirted with the idea of Skype interviews or other online social platforms, but we will not promise anything and continue to take it one step at a time as ReRouted’s podcasts require a lot of coordination from numerous parties.

On a side note, as mentioned above about potentially using Skype, it is very interesting to examine all the professional impacts that will occur from this virus. Surely, some are negative, and this is sad and unfortunate. However, positive impacts can occur like the use of Netflix Party and bringing back the House Party application! Tech companies are not necessarily negatively impacted because their monetization platforms rely on users being on their smartphones and tech products. On the contrary, small businesses that are not considered essential like an antique shop, are in jeopardy because they will be required to close for the safety of themselves and others. This time is unprecedented, take care of yourself and loved ones while being kind to others.

This week we learned about monetization and strategies that we can use in order to maximize our efforts. From advertising, sponsorships, and selling/merchandising of products, there are many ways that blogs and professional platforms can monetize their work. As mentioned previously, ReRouted is a not-for-profit brand that will earn its reward from building a community of users and viewers. We aim for cohesion and pleasure opposed to dollars! Although, if one day a sponsor wants a shout out in a podcast, we would be more than interested in discussing monetization… Take a look at these podcast monetization tips and facts here.

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