What is now a consistent mention of the past, ReRouted started off as a personal blog for me to post and share my story with an ephemeral audience. 

This week, guest speaker and Senior Content Strategist, Lauren Cheal from Echo Stories, presented on the aspect of having a corporate backstory and motif for why one would seek out to become a ‘professional’ brand and organization. From my perspective, now being behind the ReRouted professional brand, our corporate backstory and motif is based on the original purpose for wanting to go into and express myself through publication. I found out a lot about myself and used blogging as a cathartic release for my journey and story that I felt as if I needed to talk about but had no basis or reason to do so. To be brief and not repetitive, I had played football all my life up until the end of first year university when I decided to ‘walk away’ from my teammates/friends, coaches, and a scholarship, in efforts to pursue my goals and passions in my educational endeavours. This was when I felt ReRouted.

Now, ReRouted is suited towards other people telling their unique story as our focus for content. The goal of the blog has shifted and as stated in the about page, ReRouted has been rerouted. The official definition to ‘reroute’ according to Google’s dictionary aka a quick google search is, “[to] send (someone or something) by or along a different route.” This definition along with my own personal connection to football being that routes are what receivers run and sometimes on your route, you get jammed off, meaning you need to fight back for position or alter the route, is our created origin of ReRouted.

As the publisher behind ReRouted’s content, I use singular and plural pronouns carefully depending on the context in a given situation. Often when talking about our professional brand; ‘our’, ‘we’ and ‘us’ are used because ReRouted is a community driven platform based on inclusion and content from every stakeholder and not me as the individual behind. On the contrary, when I write Process Posts and Pub 201 specific content, it is less informal in a sense that it is my own opinion/critique and therefore use; ‘I’, ‘me’, and other singular pronouns. This paragraph and change of thought may seem irrelevant or extremely specific, however, I believe it is important to emphasize the detail and care that is being placed into creating our professional brand and backstory while also identifying the difference between personal and professional blogging. 

All in all, our story is simply hearing and sharing your story.

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