This week has been quite progressive for ReRouted. Our first podcast/interview has been uploaded from the SFU Maker Commons studio, our old posts (and future, of course) have received an update, and steps to create stronger Google Analytics have been taken! All in all, I am pleased with the direction that ReRouted has taken and if things continue to improve or be retrofitted, the brand will create itself.

Thanks to Tomo Takeuchi, ReRouted hosted its first guest in a studio recording setting with state of the art technology; microphones, speakers, and editing software. As I stated in a previous Process Post, I am concerned about the authenticity and level of comfort within these interviews being conducted in a studio, however, this week’s guest speaker appeared thrilled to enjoy the environment and embrace a more ‘professional’ setting. As exciting and fun as this experience was, there are factors that do need to be addressed moving forward; accessibility, convenience, and comfortability of all future guests.

Once again with the help of TA, William Davies, ReRouted has introduced an embedded audio feature. This update prevents users from having to rely on downloading the podcast or entering a screen where they can listen to, but not interact with, anything else. As I’ve discussed before, there are various other styles of displaying podcast and audio content on websites; however, I want to remain authentic by providing each guest a post of their own. Based on the volume and consistency that professional podcasters produce, I understand the appeal and format of having pages display all their content available at once. With ReRouted being amateur and quite modest in terms of production, we are capable of providing a more intimate post for viewers and guest speakers to view. I feel that this also negates the chance that users are immediately unimpressed with the small number of podcasts available, which would be more visible if they were to be listed adjacently. However, growth is in my hopes, and if ReRouted develops further, I will need to consider returning users’ needs as a priority so as to maintain their interactions. 

The last contributing factor to ReRouted’s process this week was influenced by guest speaker, Michael Despotovich, Director of Apples and Oranges Media. Michael described the difference between metric (quantitative) and dimension (qualitative) analytics and how these can either indicate how well you are performing or where to focus areas of improvement. After analyzing my Google Analytics using ExactMetrics, ReRouted has attracted 30 users in the past month and generated 84 sessions. These metric stats are appealing because it is difficult to imagine any following when posting amateur podcasts. Michael also emphasized the importance of a website having a low bounce rate. With our bounce rate being 23.81%, this means that people are interacting with our site and visiting multiple pages/post. The final conclusion from ReRouted’s analytics was that our session duration is roughly 4 minutes. Although it is difficult to ask viewers to sit and listen to a full length podcast, this statistic identifies that changes could be needed to help viewers maintain a longer stay on ReRouted.

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