In this week’s lecture, we were afforded the opportunity to hear guest speaker, Mauve Pagé discuss the importance of branding and logos. While the entirety of the lecture resonated with me, the statement, “brand is what they say about you when you are not in the room” evokes my fixation, as it made me consider how people see ReRouted as a brand and what their thoughts are. Of course, ReRouted is an amateur blog/podcast; however, I want viewers and users to critically evaluate and remember the content and message that ReRouted provides. I’d hope people would acknowledge the effort that goes into the site and vulnerability that exists in publicizing a company.  As inspired through this lecture, I believe I can further the legitimacy of the brand and overall product with a logo. In this article here, you can see the arguments outlined why a logo is important.

Along with the continual process of making a logo, in tutorial, our Teaching Assistant, William Davies, helped me edit the hyperlinks to make them more visible for readers by injecting a code of CSS into the theme’s design. Using this website, I was able to find the hexadecimal code #5FB2FC by utilizing the site’s interactive feature of sliding and discovering colours of preference. I feel that this has increased the efficacy and approachability of the site, which is imperative in generating new users and keeping it easy to access and engage with for regular clients who know what they want and can access it quickly. 

For me, which is reflected in the guest lecture, this week is about branding, and while I am really happy with the direction ReRouted is taking, and am pleased with my idea of hinging the site on podcasts, I do need to consider how, as a product or business, the site can be branded and even more appealing. By starting a logo and trying to maintain consistency in design and of course, usability, I feel that I am increasing the overall brand quality and recognition of ReRouted. Moreover, I feel that by using podcasts as engaging stories and entirely new content, the brand is evolving as a source for relating to others and connecting users to narratives that are engaging, honest and reflective of my entire concept.

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