ReRouted is about to take on a big change in terms of content quality… Possibly?

This week, our Pub 201 class was fortunate to receive a field trip to the Maker Commons at SFU’s Burnaby campus. The field trip entailed a thorough guided tour and demonstration in all the available resources that to my surprise, and I’d argue many students at SFU would agree, didn’t know we had available to us. The Maker Commons provide spaces for students to use 3D printers, laser cutters, VR and videography rooms, etc. 

Oh and I forgot to mention an audio and editing studio!

As I’ve mentioned in my first couple podcasts, the content I have been posting is nothing more than amateur. However, after taking a 30 minute tutorial from a graduate student, I have learned that this opportunity can drastically improve the quality and comfort of ReRouted’s content. Up until now, I have been running around and constructing my interviews anywhere possible in the quietest available setting. Using my iPhone XR, the banter is genuine and unscripted, but that has also meant zero editing. Although this new studio is loaded with features, it also comes with concerns and hesitations; will I be jeopardizing the authenticity of interviews by changing the environment? Will a studio be overly produced and give listeners the feeling of disconnection to the reality of what I am presenting? I personally like the idea of being able to utilize a recording studio, but I tread this development with caution, realizing that although sound quality could greatly improve, the true voice is of the person, not the microphone. Nonetheless, I am taking a risk, and if I wish to continue expanding the appeal and reach of ReRouted the brand, I need to present better quality media that exceeds the expectations of both dedicated and new listeners. 

Throughout this process thus far, I’m learning a lot about the decision processes involved when attempting to business-ify a domain. While the original site was a glorified diary of change that breathed regardless of its following, the goal of ReRouted now is to generate interest and proliferate a community. Therefore, when considering style, content and connections, each decision goes through a cognitive process that hinges on how each outcome impacts the business of ReRouted. This is vastly different than before, but given my interest and growing education in Commerce, I am appreciating the challenge, creative outlet and application of my interests in self-discovery, communicating with others and nurturing a brand.

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