This week, I am reviewing Tiffany Chang’s blog, Four Purple Walls, which can be found here. For this review, I will compartmentalize my observations and ideas into subtopics as follows; design, content, and function, all in respect to the professional self and branding.


Four Purple Walls is aesthetically pleasing with the theme reflecting the title of the site. The images Tiffany utilizes are approachable, soft, inviting and portray an element of intrigue and curiosity about what the blog is about. It is evident that the blog will focus on literature, which for some people may be daunting, but the style of the site is welcoming and generates interest into the romanticism and inviting nature of literature. In terms of organization, the site is relatively easy to follow and is somewhat intuitive. Right now, in the beginning of this semester, it is difficult to see how ongoing contributions and additions will either enhance or jeopardize the overall design; however, at its current state and with previous POSIEL content, it appears very user-friendly. One thing I would suggest to consider is combining the home and about page into one landing page. I think both these pages have valuable descriptions on them but could be simplified into one block of writing. This is simply a suggestion as it is not detrimental to the understanding or aesthetic of the blog. Again, the site is visually appealing and has a nice sense of flow and style, both of which make it a warm domain that I will have to revisit!


At first landing, the home page gives a great description of the blog’s purpose and direction, being book reviews and posts about inspiring authors. Only in the first few weeks of the course, it is expected to have limited content to review that is new since POSIEL, but that being said, this is a critical juncture wherein people base their opinions and may become either dedicated visitors or single visitors. Here, first impressions count, and from what I see, this site offers some intriguing content for people who are particularly fond of such a genre of work. Tiffany has clearly demonstrated effort and understanding of her quality reviews. For myself, literature is something I hope to engage with more, and so I appreciate the approachable nature of the blog posts and feel that if I venture more into this area, Four Purple Walls would be an excellent locale to start. Like myself, having had a site for POSIEL, there is a range of things to find on the site that are interesting, so from a business perspective, Tiffany is continuing to build her brand and tap into an ongoing following or tribe that is already dedicated and interested in her strong content. I think she will be successful in achieving this task, and if her earlier content is any indicator of her ability to connect with readers, I would expect a strong connection. 


Finally, functionality is the allowance for visitors to ease their navigation through the site and it’s content. Four Purple Walls provides a clear distinction of categories and pages for viewers’ desire. A contact page is also evident, which in reference to POSIEL, will be a more useful tool for the professionalism of a website. The contact page has direct links to social media platforms and I would suggest to provide a reasoning or value proposition for your audience and public to contact or follow, as this could potentially build and increase the Four Purple Walls brand. Therefore, the functionality is much appreciated as a viewer of the site, and if continued throughout additional contributions each week, I see this working seamlessly. 

In conclusion, Four Purple Walls has been an inspiring first site to peer review. Tiffany has quality previous content and reviews that I believe will easily transition into the professional self realm. I look forward to keeping up with the blog and brand, and suggest the same for everyone!

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