Determining the overall concept of the direction of this blog was challenging because I wanted to develop something that reflects my “story” from ReRouted and Pub 101, but is different in terms of the goals and content required for Pub 201.

My intent for this blog is to create a brand that others can identify with and use to find comfort in the ever changing process of finding your true self. In other words, my business or ambition is to develop a community, which from here, can serve as an anchor to sub-communities and discussions where people find passion, catharsis, empathy and escape. 

In the past, ReRouted’s landing page was designed to emphasize the transition and change of my story through 10 sequential self-portraits that ultimately revealed my shift – a difficult one – from being a football player to, well, what I am today; a student. This semester, the landing page’s concept is, in my hopes, designed to catch viewers’ attention through simplicity and professionalism, as well as stimulation through a thematic image that is open to interpretation and connection. I want people to focus on the brand and content, and by simplifying the page, as well as de-personalizing it from my sole narrative, I feel it is more approachable, relatable and welcoming to new users. 

ReRouted will be a not-for-profit community and brand that will, in its greatest ambition, impact everyone that lands on the site. I intend to build and market ReRouted through other social media platforms as well as through the potential for proliferating userships by having guest interviewees whose online presence and following may multiply visits to my brand through sharing their interviews with others. Here, I am capitalizing on humanity’s determination, particularly in the 21st Century, to be followed, liked and included. In terms of the website theme, I have selected the ‘Minimal Portfolio;’ however, from previous experience, this can change via peer reviews, input from others and of course, my own reflections on what’s working and more importantly, what’s not. This theme is quite simple and will allow for viewers to focus on my future logo and more importantly, content. With the layout of content, I am still exploring options on how to present my podcasts, as they are central to the business plan of this blog and separate this domain from my previous self-exploration. I am contemplating the sole focus approach that professional podcasters like Joe Rogan present, which you can see here. However, I may just attach the files to normal posts and offer a short summary/write up with it. My goal is to explore, edit and redefine without jeopardizing clarity or usability, which are both fundamental to appeasing returning users and obtaining new guests.

Building a blog is difficult because everyone has different and unique opinions on what makes a site attractive. I have focused on accumulating and experimenting with themes and presentations, as well as downloaded Google Analytics to gather data on what is successful. Ultimately, I want to settle on something sooner than later, as I want to mitigate any losses in followers or attachments to the aesthetic of my brand. In the following weeks, I will attempt to build a logo and determine how to best present my content in an appealing, simple, intuitive and clear manner. 

Overall, the processes this week were challenging, but rewarding. I enjoyed brainstorming how I wanted my blog to look, and more interestingly, how it would evoke a feeling or thought from various users. I want the blog to be a resource for my own understanding of my progression, but also a place where others come to join and grow with the brand and community. Stay tuned.

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