ReRouted has, well, been rerouted…

ReRouted is back for another semester of publication. Last spring this site focused on my personal story about finding my own identity and being able to express who I am, was, and strive to be, using ReRouted as a platform. 

This semester, ReRouted will become an outlet for people to come and share their stories of instances or patterns of the places, people, experiences and epiphanies that altered their path and landed them in their present day setting, situation or challenge. In capturing this shift from the very local (myself) to the global (those I engage with), we invite guest speakers to share their journey’s and assist in creating a not-for-profit brand and community that people can identify with and represent. In the hopes of expanding our network and reaching beyond the personal realm, our format has shifted from personal written narratives to podcasts with people. 

ReRouted is about change, and as such, we took our own advice and saw a new opportunity as a means of exploring a new direction. 


If you would like to share your story, please contact us @ officialrerouted@gmail.com.